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This Message From One Of The Missing Activist’s Wife Will Leave Your Heart Broken!

Pakistan is a very ambiguous and confusing country. If you do not talk at all, they say you’re unfit to be a citizen,or if you talk too much, same is the case. However, the latter has been on the news these days as a number of Pakistani activists have gone missing in the last few days.

Only this week, 4 activists have gone missing from different cities of Pakistan in a very uncanny manner. There is no one presently taking responsibility of the forced disappearances. The government has said in an official statement that it is not their policy to abduct activists who voice their opinions, while numerous sources say that security forces aren’t involved in the abductions either.



In a very heartbreaking post that went viral on Facebook, one of the activist (Ahmed Waqas Goraya)’s wife posted this message on her profile:



An ordinary man with an ordinary story….

Ahmad Waqass Goraya… my husband, my companion, my best friend and the father of my child. I know him from last 13 years, out of which I am married to him for 9 years. Never, did he stop loving me… he is a person made from sentiments and yet very strong and opinionated. He was known among his peers for strong liberal views but I saw him as a progressive man with ideas that can flourish our son. That harmless man… went MISSING in thin air on January 4th, 2017.. what a start of new year for our tiny family. I had so many thoughts for this year, so much to share with him when he returned from a family trip that he was making with our son.



Due to my work commitments, I had to return earlier while they fully enjoyed their stay in Pakistan… the land he was mad about… the land he always wished to prosper. What did he do wrong? What was his mistake? I can’t sleep, I can’t stop thinking… so many questions… what could Waqass have done wrong… a man that I married, a man so full of energy, vibrancy, and patriotism, a man who saw and believed that he could raise his voice and have some freedom of speech. .. was that wrong? I don’t know what could have been so threatening for the people who took him away. I only want him back… asap!

We both are alone without you and we miss you papa… please come home soon to make it feel like home. And please come alive and healthy, so full of energy and passion and that brightness in your eyes. miss you and ili pili…”


We hope that all the missing activists are recovered soon and if they have wronged anyone, they are tried through the law. No family deserves to have their loved ones gone without a trace. #RecoverAllActivists

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