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Fahad Hussayn’s New Collection Is Pushing Boundaries To A Whole New Meaning!

Pakistan’s fashion industry is very powerful – one of the finest work of art is produced in our country and continues to spread worldwide. With fashion weeks and local brands opening making their way on international grounds, our fashion industry makes us very proud.

Just recently, world-renowned Pakistani fashion designer Ali Xeeshan’s bold editorial feature ‘Khamooshi’ made a lot of hype and it was worth it.

Instagram: @Alixeeshan

Instagram: @Alixeeshan

Shedding light on the idea of how marriages are forcefully conducted in our society, Ali Xeeshan created awareness through his collection by this particular pattern.

Fahad Hussayn, Another Huge Name In The World Of Bridal, Formal Dresses and Lawn

The world of HSY

The world of HSY

Fahad Hussayn’s recent editorial feature of his newest collection is worth looking at. Instead of following the patterns of typical bridal shoot where models are dressed in an extravagant bridal dress, standing in the middle of lush fields and showing how beautiful everything looks, Fahad Hussayn did something new:

Instagram: @officialfahadhussayn

Instagram: @officialfahadhussayn

A subtle message of showing the power women really hold, Fahad has done an absolutely amazing job through this shoot and of course, his collection as well.

Even their head protection gears are beautifully designed, making sure nothing seems ordinary!


Million Dollar Babes

Art speaks louder than words and surely, Fahad Hussayn showed this to us through this amazing shoot for his collection.


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