Baji Irshad on Express TV Episode 27

Baji Irshad on Express TV Episode 27

Baji Irshad is the story with a female protagonist who is a Christian maid, the play has been written by Sarah Qayyum and is being crafted for TV under the supervision of renowned playwright Umera Ahmed. The project is the television directorial debut of Yasra Rizvi, who will also be playing the lead character, while the secondary cast is mostly new.Baji Irshad is not a regular maid so it makes for a very interesting story. She is a very positive character for everyone around her. Generally, when a strong female character is written, it usually lends itself to stripping away any sense of nuance or complexity, by turning out to be either entirely good or completely evil. Baji Irshad, is inspired by a real life persona, offers a different mix altogether.The drama emphasizes the disparities between the rich and the poor. We have put the elite class in it as well and tried to depict the similarities and differences. A maid is as helpless in her problems as a rich lady is, so that contrast is very interesting.
Directed by Yasra Rizvi and Qaiser Ali
Written by Sarah Qayum

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